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Aqua Splash is Super for Seniors July 10, 2012

Water exercise is Super!


Water Aerobics for Super Seniors

Swimming and aqua aerobics are very popular forms of exercise, which can be done at any age

Aqua aerobics is comprised of aerobic exercises performed in shallow water, such as a swimming pool. It uses the support and resistance of the water for exercises, which, normally, done on land such as jogging, lunges or jumping jacks might be too demanding.

  • Aqua aerobics allows the participant to use water to work their      hearts and to strengthen and tone muscles and mobilise their joints
  • It is great exercise for an ageing population, who are increasingly      likely to have joint problems, knee and hip surgery
  • Post-operatively, it enables a speedy recovery allowing the water      to support the body by reducing the effect of gravity and enabling larger      pain free movements.
  • It increases Stamina and calories can be burnt more efficiently
  • Balance and Agility exercises can be included      without the fear of falling.
  • Sessions in heated pools offer a safe and convenient option to      those wishing to get active and improve their health.
  • Aqua Splash classes are set to great sing-a-long music making them      fun and refreshing
  • The water supports those carrying extra weight and allows good      quality exercise to be done without joint strain or discomfort.
  • The effectiveness of non-impact aqua aerobics can be enhanced      safely by using aqua aerobics equipment.
  • Aqua aerobics can benefit seniors by improving their muscular      development and cardiovascular system
  • Since water buoyancy supports their weight, strain on their joints,      back and torso is greatly reduced
  • Due to increased resistance under water, it burns a great deal of      calories, up to 400-500 calories/an hour helping to reduce excess body fat
  • Long term aqua aerobics increase joint flexibility and lowers the      risk of stress and anxiety
  • Water aerobics is the only exercise where you don’t feel sweaty and      can keep cool and comfortable

Organising an aqua aerobic for older people

  • Our sessions are in a safe, spacious heated pool
  • Saline pool with reduced chlorine is kind to hair and skin
  • Lift Access to all floors
  • Large changing rooms with easy access
  • Free Parking for 2 hrs
  • Fees : £16 for 4 weekly      sessions or £32 for 2 sessions per week.

Jackie Allen can be contacted at

Fitness Solutions UK founder Jackie Allen has been involved in the health and fitness industry for almost 30 years, having been a swimmer, fitness instructor and teacher trainer. Jackie is a well known and sought after instructor at a number of local health clubs. A Super Seniors expert she runs 6 weekly exercise sessions for Cardiac, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke and other health related groups within Gloucestershire.

Recently chosen to carry the Olympic Torch for her work in community fitness she has now established a small Pilates, Yoga and Fatloss studio in Cheltenham and looks forward to developing a club to include her work with Seniors, Youth and the Overweight.

YouTube  JaxAllenFitness    Twitter @jaxallenfitness

Blog www.JaxAllenFitness  or

Main Website

Contact Jackie


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