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Improve Your Breathing June 30, 2013

#2 Focus on Breathing
Imprint to Neutral Spine.

There are numerous breathing drills to work on. There are some quality drills out there that can be done using balloons, and other tools to help restore proper breathing mechanics. However, my favourite drills are extremely easy to use and require little set up time to perform properly. Here are the top 3 breathing drills.

Drill 2. Imprint/Neutral Breathing- Lie on your back and bend your knees with your feet close to your bottom. Your hips and knees are flexed then lift your feet off the ground. This allows the hips to tilt posteriorly. (Your low back will ‘imprint’ into the floor)
That is one of the things I really like about this type of breathing. It’s a great tool to use if someone has a natural anterior hip tilt (sway back) or “lower-crossed syndrome”. You should think about keeping the spine nice and long with your ribs down and chin tucked.
The challenge will be to hold this pelvic position while breathing properly.
Just like the crocodile breathing drill, you should think about breathing wide.
Aim to fill up your oblique’s (waist) and low back with each breath, and the pelvis should not rotate or tilt either.
Take each breath by getting wide with a static pelvis and long spine. If you have to work hard and tense your upper body to hold this position, place the feet on a stability ball or a wall to help assist holding the legs off the floor.
It should be challenging, but you should be able to develop a smooth and natural breath while holding the position.



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