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Is Bread The Food of The Devil? July 20, 2013

Foods of the Devil!
1. Bread

If you are serious about improving your health and losing body fat, not only do you need to think about being more active you need to stop buying bread. Let me explain why? It all also depends on the type of bread you’re buying! But just as killing is still killing, bread is still bread:

Bread Increases blood sugar levels:
Wheat contains amylopectin A, a type of molecule that is easier to convert to blood sugar than just about any other carbohydrate. Your blood sugar level increases and in a matter of 2-hours you’re hungry, AGAIN! Wheat intake puts your body through a series of highs and lows, and becomes stuck in a vicious cycle of endless hunger and cravings.

Difficult to digest:
Breads generally contain gluten. Gluten is very difficult for the human body to digest and it demands a very strong acid in the stomach.

There are other harmful substances in bread:
Most grains also include the “anti nutrient” phytic acid. Phytic acid is a molecule that strongly binds essential minerals like calcium, iron and zinc, preventing them from being absorbed.

Whole wheat raises bad cholesterol:
Whole wheat is better than refined wheat, but still not good:
It’s true that whole grain breads are better for you than breads made with refined grains. They contain more nutrients and fibre but they’re just the lesser of two evils. Whole wheat bread and refined bread is like unfiltered cigarettes and filtered cigarettes. Filtered cigarettes are still deadly.

Bread produces Mucus:
Bread is part of the refined grain family joining other grains like barley, oats and rye all of which produce mucus in the body.

As humans, we always want what we cant have! But Researchers discovered that the gluten found in bread delights the brains opiate receptors bringing forth a sense of euphoria when eaten. So the more you have it, the more you want it!

6 reasons to avoid bread so think –
NO more Toast for Breakfast
NO more Sandwiches for Lunch
NO more Bread rolls with Dinner

Eat Well, Feel Great, Enjoy Life

Jax x
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3 Responses to “Is Bread The Food of The Devil?”

  1. I have run a few races with a bagel in my pocket. During an enduracne event I want to get that glucose into my system ASAP. It’s a challenge to eat while running through a water stop but a bagel tastes better than a GU.
    I keep hearing how wheat is bad for us. I need to read “Wheat Belly” I guess.

    • jax allen Says:

      Mmm, I don’t know I’d choose a bagel?
      But if t works for you and you don’t get cramps….
      Wheat and other grains do us no a ours- you can pet better protein, better fibre and other nutrients from other more healthful foods.
      People often overlook the ‘clogging’ up effect gluten s have on your gut! Their sludge blocks nutrient absorption and cause inflammation in your precious, delicate gut.
      Some use this nutrient block when they know they are going to drink alcohol or have a high fat eal!


    • jax allen Says:

      Hi, I’m just back from a sports nutrition conference and there are many more reasons than bloat to avoid grains. I’ll be posting soon ( hopefully this evening) about recovery after extreme events at You souls be able to apply principles to your 4-6 week nutrition prep [i hope you don’t leave it till the last 3 days!] So keep an eye open Good luck. Thanks for your comment. Jax

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