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Are You Ready To Get Active? August 25, 2013

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This Senior Moment – is help you quickly decide if you are ready for exercise.

You’ve probably heard that we are all supposed to take 10,000 steps every day to stay healthy.

‘Age does not come alone’ 

The problem is – that if you are a bit wobbly on your feet or suffer from one of the many problems that can come with age you might be nervous about starting any kind of exercise routine.

I don’t normally recommend Cardio-Respiratory exercise to my clients – as it’s one of the worst ways to change your body composition ( lose body fat).  But for Super Seniors like you walking or riding a cycle are brilliant ways to get your activity level up without having to join a Gym or putting yourself at extra-ordinary physical risk – as long as you feel confident getting your dusty bike out of the shed!

seniors multi exercise

This simple Pre Exercise Screening Questionnaire, adapted from EASY  ( Exercise Assessment Screening for You), may help you decide if you’re ready to join a Fitness group or perhaps do more activity at home first.  The screening tool developed specifically for the older adult wishing or needing to increase thier regular activity.

You must answer the questions honestly and talk to your health provider if you answer questions YES

1a).       Do you have pains, tightness or pressure in your chest during physical activity (walking, climbing stairs, household chores, similar activities

1 b)      Is this a new problem of less than 6 months?

2).       Do you currently experience dizziness or feel light headed?

3a).      Have you ever been told you have high blood pressure?

3b).     If your blood pressure has not been checked in the last 6 months, it is recommended

that you get it checked with a healthcare provider

4).        Do you have pain, stiffness or swelling that limits or prevents you from doing

what you want or need to do?

5a).       Do you fall, feel unsteady, or use a mobility device while standing or walking?

NOTE: If you use a mobility/stability device it is okay to exercise, but please continue to use it

while exercising as appropriate.

6).       Is there a health reason not mentioned why you would be concerned about starting

an exercise program

7).       Has it been more than 6 months since your last visit to your Medical Practitioner?


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