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Shoulder Pain? What Causes Your Pain October 15, 2013

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Shoulder Pain? What Causes Your Pain

Hot, tender or painful spots in your muscles are Trigger Points. They typically develop from lack of stretching or improper stretching but can also be caused from stress/trauma, repetitive motion or even poor posture.


Other common causes are:
sitting without firm back support (slumped posture)
prolonged sitting in a chair without armrests, or armrests that are too high, or too low (leaning to one side)
cradling a phone between ear and shoulder
large breasts
one leg shorter than the other
typing on a keyboard that is too high
prolonged improper sleeping position
playing a violin
overly tight bra straps
carrying a handbag (prolonged hiking up of the shoulder)
head-forward posture (jutting chin)
walking with a cane that is too long

Reduced circulation in trigger points will eventually lead to muscle shortening and restricted movement which further accentuates the pain, thus completing a cycle of decreased mobility and further pain.


This commonly becomes the underlying cause of chronic shoulder immobility and even chronic headache pain. You will typically continue to suffer from these ailments for long periods until the problem is treated directly.

Over the next few days we’ll go through the actions you can take to ease your pain or remove the causes.

Stay Active, Eat Well, Feel Great


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