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Shoulder Trigger Point Treament October 16, 2013

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Shoulder Trigger Point Treatment


The good news is that nearly all muscles attributed to shoulder immobility can be treated, you need to start the process of eliminating your trigger points. A combination of heat and massage can do wonders.
But, knowing how is absolutely important it is when related to trigger point treatments, I’m posting it again below:


Your massage therapist can certainly help with trigger point massage, if you are treat your shoulder at home multiple times per day, you have a greatly improved chance of getting rid of your trigger points (and subsequently increase the range of motion in your shoulder). In some situations, trigger points in your back could be the cause of shoulder immobility; if you are certain that the underlying problem is in the upper back area, your trigger points may be more effectively treated through the use of small firm balls or rollers.


More information and advice tomorrow…
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