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Shoulder – Self Massage October 17, 2013

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Shoulder Self Massage


So what is self-myofascial release (SMR)? SMR is a form of self-massage which is helpful for increased range of motion and relaxation of muscles. When performed prior to a workout in place of static stretching, it helps create and maintain healthy muscle tone and also reduces the risk of potential injury or muscles tears caused by muscle contraction or tight muscles.

At home you can use balls and rollers to get to every muscle around your painful shoulder.


The SMR benefits of fascial and muscle release are wonderful before and after a great workout. In fact I believe whole heartedly that rolling before a workout is one of the critical steps to having a great workout. These elements combined also encourage the mind and body communication exchange, bring us more fully into a conscious presence in our bodies and create the mind-body connection; the first step towards a fantastic workout. All of this can be completed with simple moves within a 5-15 minute time span depending on your workout plan in each and every day.


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