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Shoulder – To Stretch or Not to Stretch October 18, 2013

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Shoulder – To Stretch or Not to Stretch

A stretching routine can undoubtably lead to a successful outcome for many. However, there are times that your pain simply cannot tolerate stretching. When pain levels are high and muscles too taut, stetching may actually aggravate your injury. In cases such as this, the smart way to go is to first minimize your pain using trigger point massage and hot and cold home treatments until you can reach a point where you start some moderate stretching without the pain. If you find stretching aggravates the problem, stop stretching and just continue with the massage and hot and cold treatments.



Here are some exercises to improve your shoulder mobility and strength….







Combined with a stretching routine, using Cold packs and Hot packs are highly effective treatment products for helping to get rid of trigger points. Successful treatment of your trigger points will increase shoulder range of motion and reduce the likelihood of a worsening frozen shoulder injury.

I do believe that you must persevere with shoulder pain. Even when your symptoms have gone- always, Always, ALWAYS do your mobility and stretching exercises!

Using your roller or tennis balls daily or at least 3 times a week will keep you pain free AND you get a stronger core and better posture FREE!

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