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#14 Inspirational Seniors – Looks a Bit Chilly! December 1, 2013

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Found this – this chap IS AMAZING!


As one of the leading Home Health Care companies in Indiana, we are fortunate at Alliance Home Health Care to be surrounded by inspiring seniors everyday during the course of our senior care work.

Our passion is providing the quality care and loving comfort that can bring out the best of our amazing seniors we work with. So, when we see an article about seniors doing amazing things, we can’t wait to share the news!

Recently, we stumbled across an article on The Huffington Post about 77-year-old, Gao Yingyu, a retired schoolteacher who, by the way, is in better shape than most 25-year-olds

What makes his story even more incredible, is that in his ten years of retirement, he has rarely come down with the cold or flu. So, what does he attribute this incredible streak of good health to?

Working out every morning in -25 degrees Celsius weather, in just his shorts, shoes, and gloves!

Yes, every morning, Yingyu gets up in the freezing (well, way below freezing actually) and goes to his local park to perform a series of difficult gymnastic moves, followed by running, and then a dip in the lake to “cool down.”

While no one here recommends working out in the cold weather in just your shorts, one has to admire his dedication and fortitude. Even if he was just waking up to run on a treadmill at his local gym, we think everyone can agree that keeping to a fitness routine requires a tremendous amount of dedication.

Which is why we decided to share this inspiring news about a senior doing something amazing. If Yingyu has the spirit to wake up every morning and workout in the frigid air in just his shorts, then maybe that will inspire some of us that are able to, to wake up and make it into the gym this year.

From all of us at Alliance Home Health Care, stay inspired this year!


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