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Pilates: Truths January 10, 2014

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Pilates: Truths


Pilates is body conditioning that involves performing a series of controlled and very specific exercises. It will improve your strength, flexibility, posture and
After class you will feel invigorated and relaxed at the same time, breath control is an important part of the Pilates Method and is a great benefit for most of us.
Even though Pilates has been around since the early 20th century, there are still many misconceptions about it.

1. Pilates is low impact exercise.

This is because there is NO impact force to your joints, as you won’t jump, walk or run in a Pilates class. ‘Impact’ is often confused with Intensity, you will find Pilates exercises can be intense even without high impact activities.

2. Pilates Will Help Give You a Flatter Stomach

This is true. Pilates focuses primarily on your core, so a person who does it faithfully will be rewarded with a flatter stomach, and a stronger back. However, for a six pack you will need to reduce your body fat %. Normal Pilates classes don’t reduce body fat!
See #6 below.

3. Pilates Can’t Cure Aches and Pains

Many people choose Pilates because it offers a safe workout, but it cannot cure aches and pains. Those who suffer from chronic pain should consult with their doctor before they start Pilates or any other form of activity.
Many of my clients are referred to me by their GP, Physiotherapist, Osteopath and Chiropractors once their treatments have completed and they need to prevent further problems.

4. Pilates Won’t Make You Taller

Pilates can create a longer, leaner look, but it will not increase your height. Some people appear taller after they have done Pilates for a while, but this is most likely due to the fact that their posture has improved. Some say that they feel taller and it could be that their intervertebral discs are plumped up rather than compressed.


5. Pilates Can Improve Athletic Performance

Tiger Woods and Andrew Murray are two of the many athletes who admit they use Pilates to improve their performance. Dancers and cyclists also use Pilates as a part of their training regime. It helps improve strength and flexibility, which are two important components of fitness, by improving joint mobility and range of motion.
I have golfers that have found their Drive much more powerful after regular Pilates practice.

6. Pilates Can’t Help You Lose Weight

Pilates is great for toning muscles, but it is not the ideal exercise for people who want to lose weight. A 2006 study showed that Pilates does not have any significant effect on a person’s weight or body composition. Although if you build a few pounds of healthy muscle your measurements will reduce even if your scale weight remains the same. See #2 above.

7. Pilates is NOT Just for Women

Even though Pilates is viewed as an activity for women, it is also very popular among men. In fact, Pilates was invented by a man. Joseph Pilates or ‘Old Joe’. There are also a lot of male Pilates instructors.
I have many keen male clients – golfers, walkers, cyclists and extreme runners as well as desk jockeys!

8. Pilates Is Ideal for Those New to Exercise

Pilates is a great choice for the novice as all exercises can be easily progressed and regressed to suit your abilities. A mat and the right activewear are all that you need to do Pilates.
I am sometimes asked to plan and teach introductory courses for beginners within big box gyms and private health clubs.

It seems although most people have heard of Pilates they don’t really understand what it is!

If you are within travelling distance you can contact me for a FREE trial session.

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