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Aqua Aerobics Have You Tried It Yet? January 13, 2014

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Active adults find water aerobics to be a great alternative to traditional exercise.

Despite their popularity with older adults, water aerobics classes are not just for senior citizens. Healthy active adults can enjoy this low-impact activity as another beneficial aspect of their normal exercise routine. Water aerobics classes are easy on joints, great for meeting new people, and they are a lot of fun.

The most well known benefit of water aerobics is that exercising in water reduces the impact on your body. This makes water aerobics an ideal low-impact exercise for those with osteoarthritis, those who are very overweight, or those who are recovering from an injury or surgery. (Though, you should check with your doctor before beginning a water aerobics program, particularly after injury or surgery.)
Stiff joints open up and movements feel easier while supported by all round water pressure.

Water cushions impact and reduces gravity’s drag on your body, it also provides additional resistance. Moving your body through water takes much more effort than moving through air. To feel this for yourself, stand in water and simply pull your arms through the water by your sides. This resistance adds to your workout without the need for hand weights, resistance bands or other exercise equipment.

There is some debate over the number of calories burned during water aerobics, and this further depends on the specific exercises performed. However, a water aerobics class certainly is an activity that will exercise your body, particularly for those with physical limitations due to health problems or injury.

In addition, water aerobics have some less considered benefits. As a group class, they promote social health and provide a network of motivation. Being in the water helps keep your body cool as well, which can help prevent the overheating that can occur with other fitness activities. Also, participants often feel less self-conscious when exercising under water. Bodies are relatively obscured by the water and missteps are unnoticed. Those who are uncomfortable in a bathing suit can easily cover up with a t-shirt and Lycra shorts.

If water aerobics sounds like a class that might appeal to you, check to see if there is a class available at your local health club or school. Forget your preconceptions and give water aerobics a try, you may just find a great way to add some variety to your workout routine.

I teach 2 open sessions at Fitness First Cheltenham
Anyone can come along, free parking, lift access, easy stairs into the salt water pool, fab changing rooms and NO Membership required.
Contact me to arrange a FREE trial session for either Monday or Thursday at 14:30.

Do you participate in water aerobics? Tell me about your experience in the comment section below!

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Thanks, Jax


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