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Amazing Super Seniors # 18 February 8, 2014

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Super Seniors #18


Hank Brunjes: The Two-Stepping Septuagenarian
It takes energy, dedication, and a whole lot of talent to make it on Broadway. And for Frank Brunjes, the performance bug has stuck with him well into his seventies. Brooklyn-born Brunjes started dancing when he was 4, was barely 20 when he launched his Broadway career as an ensemble cast member in Pal Joey, and was part of the original cast of West Side Story in 1957.

Now, at the age of 78, he still sings and dances as a regular in the Fabulous Palm Springs Follies in Palm Springs, Calif. How does he feel about performing nearly 190 shows a year? “It’s great to have a job where I can express my talents and abilities,” he says in his Follies bio. “Never make the mistake of thinking you’re too old for anything!”

Inspiring eh?

Jax x


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