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Cinnamon Cures Diabetes – NO WAY! June 29, 2014

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The Kitchen Cupboard Remedy for Diabetes

another great article from my favourite website of the moment….


Dear Reader,

What if I told you that an all-natural spice found in apple pie — and probably sitting in your kitchen cabinet right now — could give you all of these benefits…

  • Better blood sugar control…
  • Better triglyceride (blood fat) levels…
  • Better LDL cholesterol levels…
  • Better total cholesterol levels…

Well, that’s exactly what you get with Cinnamon, the dried inner bark of a tree from Sri Lanka.

And it’s all down to cinnamon’s active compound, called Methyhydroxy Chalcone Polymer — or MHCP, for short — which boosts the activity of insulin by about 20 times, allows glucose to pass more easily from the bloodstream into the cells, and helps your body burn excess sugar levels in your bloodstream.

Proven In Scientific Studies…

Cinnamon’s incredible effects on blood sugar levels isn’t just wishful thinking. It’s been proven in scores of well-documented studies to help tame out-of-control blood sugar and help keep it in the safety zone.

For example, according to a study at the University of Hannover, Germany, and published in theEuropean Journal of Clinical Investigation, cinnamon was shown to have a powerful effect on elevated blood sugar levels.

In the placebo-controlled, double-blind study, researchers gave 79 patients either cinnamon or a placebo pill for four months. The results? Patients taking cinnamon experienced a 10.3% reduction in blood sugar levels while the placebo group only received a 2.4% reduction.

In another study published in The Journal of Diabetic Medicine, researchers tested cinnamon against popular diabetes drugs. They gave one group the drugs. The other group took only cinnamon. And the results were conclusive: The participants in the cinnamon group had much better blood sugar control than the drug-only group.

And in another study, Dr. Richard Anderson and colleagues at the Human Nutrition Research Center in Maryland, USA, performed a double-blind, placebo-controlled study on patients with blood sugar problems. They gave the patients either one, three, or six grams of cinnamon or an equal dose of a placebo and tested blood sugar levels at 0… 40… and 60-day intervals.

The results were interesting to say the least. In the placebo group, patients experienced zero or only very miniscule improvements in blood glucose levels, triglycerides, total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels.

Yet, the patients taking cinnamon had impressive improvements in blood glucose readings and had better triglyceride, total cholesterol and lower LDL (bad cholesterol) levels.

Long-Term, Spectacular Results…

What’s more, the researchers found that the longer the patients took cinnamon, the better their results.

Indeed, 60-day readings proved better than 40-day readings. All told, there have been more than 50 separate studies done on cinnamon’s effects on blood glucose levels. And in every case, patients got much better blood sugar control and cholesterol levels.

In addition, cinnamon works fast — in a matter of mere days or even hours! So it doesn’t just work better the longer you take it… it works almost from the very first dose!

So inspired were they by cinnamon’s unique healing qualities that two health pioneers teamed up to research the scientific proof for dozens of other natural blood sugar-busting remedies.

And what they discovered has now been turned into a single, 11 ingredient drug-free formulation which has been scientifically proven to be 3 times more effective than top-selling diabetes drugs in to ONE perfect drug-free solution… There’s a full report about this here.

A breakthrough that could change your life for ever…

Dr. Vern Cherewatenko and Ken Hampshire — two of the most knowledgeable experts on the planet when it comes to dealing with type 2 diabetes — set out to formulate the perfect blend of natural substances that would equip your body’s own ability to achieve perfect regulation of your blood sugar.

Dr. Vern Cherewatenko is pretty famous in the US. Not only is he a practising doctor at his own private clinic, his book The Diabetes Cure: A Natural Plan That Can Slow, Stop, Even Cure Type 2 Diabetesbecame an instant bestseller.

You see, Dr Vern completely understands what it’s like to be diabetic since he himself is a former type 2 diabetic. But, Dr Vern managed to rid himself of type 2 diabetes using the same secrets that he now shares with thousands of his patients who visit him at his clinic in Renton, Washington.

But as good as his book is, Dr. Vern never rests on his laurels…

That’s why, along with Ken Hampshire, he set out to look at all the latest cutting-edge research emanating from all the leading medical authorities on diabetes.

And what they came up with after years of research was a breakthrough new super formula designed to help patients to…

  • Control blood sugar…
  • Boost the action and release of insulin…
  • Help patients lose weight without restrictive diets…
  • Help improve blood pressure and lower “bad” cholesterol and triglycerides…
  • Fight the deadly and debilitating complications of diabetes…
  • And, above all, to do it naturally — free from drugs that can trigger other nasty side effects.

But here’s the game changer. It’s all very well designing a new formula and telling people that it should work for them in theory… but it’s quite another matter proving it in a rigorous, double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trial. 


I’m going to try supplementing with cinnamon for a few weeks and see what effect it has on my body fat.  Maybe you would like to join in too? Feed back your results here too….


Eat Clean    Live Well   Feel Great




Pilates Classic Exercise – #3 The Roll Over

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The Roll Over.

Excellent for improving the mobility of your spine.
As withe the roll up, your arm position can give you more OR less support.

Level 1 – arms along your sides, so you can push into the floor and get more movement thru your lower back. You will then focus to control your roll back down to the mat – perhaps by relaxing your arms and shoulders to put more load through your core.
Level 2/3 – lift your arms towards the ceiling or cross them over your chest so you have to work really hard to curl your back away from the floor

You will also find that to begin your legs may not be straight out towards the floor when you have rolled them over your head. Don’t worry with practice your hamstrings ( back of your legs) will relax and stretch out. You will gain many benefits working with bent knees.


(1) Serious students: buy & study “Return to Life…”!
(2) Avoid potential injury! – Join the “Pilates Community” at your local gym or studio.
(3) Tips on posture and muscle tensioning – “Pilates Contrology”.

Editor’s Comment: Discussion to follow. Pilates demonstrating the Pilates Roll Over, Poses One to Four:
(diagram derived from original photo).

J H Pilates and W J Miller: Return to Life through Controlology. 1st Ed, publ. 1954 J.J.Augustin New York (Review & purchase…)
Pilates Roll Overs, © Bruce Thomson, EasyVigour Project


#4. Tackle Your Inflammation – Dairy June 23, 2014

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Pro-inflammatory Agent: As much as 60% of the world’s population can’t digest milk. In fact, researchers think that being able to digest milk beyond infancy is abnormal, rather than the other way round. Milk is also a common allergen that can trigger inflammatory responses, such as stomach distress, constipation, diarrhea, skin rashes, acne, hives and breathing difficulties in susceptible people.


Find them in: Milk and dairy products are as pervasive as foods containing partially hydrogenated oil or omega-3-deficient vegetable oil. Apart from obvious milk products like butter and cheese, foods with hidden dairy content include breads, cookies, crackers, cakes, cream sauces and boxed cereals. Scanning the ingredients list is still the safest way to suss out milk.
ns in the milk have been broken down by beneficial bacteria and/or yeasts.


Inflammation -dousing Substitute: Kefir and unsweetened yogurt are acceptable in moderation for those who aren’t allergic to milk. they’re easier on the stomach as the lactose and protei


Pilates Classic Exercise – #2 The Roll Up June 22, 2014

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Pilates doing Pilates Exercises: The Roll Up Joseph Pilates 34 contrology poses

(1) Serious students: buy & study “Return to Life…”!
(2) Avoid potential injury! – Join the “Pilates Community” at your local gym or studio.
(3) Tips on posture and muscle tensioning – “Pilates Contrology”.

Pilates Roll Up, Pose 1:-

Zip and hollow in preparation, and maintain zip and hollow throughout.
Anchor your scapulas, and keep them gently anchored throughout.
Arms “straight backward” (Important:- your back must not arch away from the ground. For those new to Pilates, this means that your arms will not make it all the way “straight backward”).


Pilates Roll Up, Pose 2:-
(Inhaling): bring your arms up.
Toes pointing upwards.

Pilates Roll Up, Pose 3:-
(Still inhaling): Tuck your chin to your chest.
(Now exhaling): Roll upward by “wheeling the spine” off the mat.

Pilates Roll Up, Pose 4:-
(Still exhaling): roll forward until head touches legs.
Pilates demonstrating the Pilates Roll Up, Poses One to Four:
(diagram derived from original photo).

Pilates Roll Ups, Watch Points:-
Elbows and knees do not flex.
Always apply the instructions recommended in Introduction to Pilates Contrology Exercises
This exercise strengthens the spine in the forward bending direction, and must be balanced with exercises that strengthen the spine in the backward bending direction. I suggest: – “Runner’s Squat” and “The Dart”.
Pilates Roll Ups, Joseph’s Comments:-
“This exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles, and restores the spine to normal”.

Pilates then and now:-
The Roll Up is pretty much the same today. It will change the way you move! – You will be able to spot the Pilates adept by the way he or she uses this exercise to get up off the floor!

Roll Up too difficult? – Read this:-
“Many people can not perform roll-ups when first beginning a Pilates program. Keep in mind, it is easier to roll down than it is to roll up. On the way up, place your hands under the small of your back, and use your arms to help you up”(2).

J H Pilates and W J Miller: Return to Life through Controlology. 1st Ed, publ. 1954 J.J.Augustin New York (Review & purchase…)
Lisa Mercer: Pilates Based Conditioning

Pilates Roll Ups, © Bruce Thomson, EasyVigour Project


#3 Tackle Your Inflammation – Trans Fats June 16, 2014

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Pro-inflammatory Agent: Trans fatty acids are notorious for their double whammy effect: they increase the levels of ‘bad’. Cholesterol, while lowering levels of the ‘good’. Cholesterol. But that isn’t all they can do. They’ve also been found to promote inflammation, obesity and resistance to insulin, laying the ground for degenerative illnesses to take place.

Find them in: Deep fried foods, fast foods, commercially baked goods and those prepared with partially hydrogenated oil, margarine and/or vegetable shortening. Note that items that list 0g trans fats on the label may still contain some amount of these toxic fats. This is because in the US, the government allows items containing less than 0.5g of trans fats to be declared as trans-fat free. Commercially prepared peanut butter is one good example. Your best bet is to read the ingredients list and make sure partially hydrogenated oil or vegetable shortening isn’t used.

Inflammation-dousing Substitute: Look for alternative products that contain no trans fats. That don’t have partially hydrogenated oil or vegetable shortening in the ingredients list. When in doubt, assume that all commercially prepared foods contain trans fats unless stated otherwise.


Pilates Classic Exercise – #1 The Hundred June 15, 2014

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The Hundred
Joseph Pilates 34 contrology poses

(1) Serious students: buy & study “Return to Life…”!
(2) Avoid potential injury! – Join the “Pilates Community” at your local gym or studio.
(3) Tips on posture and muscle tensioning – “Pilates Contrology”.


Pilates Hundred, Pose 1:-
Zip and hollow in preparation, and maintain zip and hollow throughout. Note that the toes are pointing away.
Anchor your scapulas, and keep them gently anchored throughout.
Tuck your chin and lift your head and shoulder blades off the mat. Make sure that you are looking down at your belly.
Raise your straight legs just 2″ off the floor.
Raise arms to the position shown in pose 2.

Pilates Hundred, Poses 2 and 3:-
Beat your arms up and down just 6 to 8 inches (elbows locked)-
Fives beats while inhaling slowly.
Fives beats while exhaling slowly.
A total of one hundred beats.

Pilates Hundred, Pose 4:-
Relax completely (note that the abdomen is still zipped or scooped).
Pilates demonstrating the Pilates One Hundred, Poses One to Four:
(diagram derived from original photo).

Pilates Hundreds, Watch Points:-

Keep your lumbar spine glued to the floor!
Neck pain: perform the hundred with your head resting on a cushion, & seek physiotherapist, chiropractic, or therapeutic massage advice.

Pilates Hundreds, Joseph’s Comments:-
At first you probably will not be able to carry out instructions as ilustated in poses – this proves why these exercises and all succeeding ones will benefit you. However, with patience and perseverance you eventually should succeed in achieving the ideals as posed – with accompanying normal health(1).

Pilates then and now:-
Nowadays, the Pilates Hundred is often performed with thigh bones angled higher, and arms angled lower(2). Higher angling of the thigh bone works the Rectus femoris very hard over its shorter range: a sure fire recipe for triggerpoints and muscle pain. So why is it taught this way? – Presumably it evolved to help dancers condition their Rectus femoris muscles to cope with the enormous stresses of straight leg raises during dancing(3)?

J H Pilates and W J Miller: Return to Life through Controlology. 1st Ed, publ. 1954 J.J.Augustin New York (Review & purchase…)
Bruce Thomson: The Modern Pilates Hundred
Jack Giangiulio: Anterior Hip Pain in Young Dancers: Don’t Be Fooled
Pilates Hundred, Free Pilates Poses, Pictures © Bruce Thomson, EasyVigour Project


#2 Tackle Your Inflammation – cooking oils June 9, 2014

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2. Common Cooking Oils
Pro-inflammatory Agent: Common vegetable cooking oils used in many homes and restaurants have very high omega-6 fatty acids and dismally low omega-3 fats. A diet consisting of a highly imbalanced omega-6 to omega-3 ratio promotes inflammation and breeds inflammatory diseases like heart disease and cancer.


Find them in: Polyunsaturated vegetable oils such as grape seed, cottonseed, safflower, corn and sunflower oils. These industrial vegetable oils are also commonly used to prepare most processed foods and takeaways.

Inflammation-dousing Substitute: Replace your omega-6-saturated cooking oils with macadamia oil, coconut oil. Other cooking oils with a more balanced omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids ratio. Macadamia oil for Instance, has an almost one-to-one ratio of omega-6:3 fats. it’s also rich in oleic acid, a heart-healthy, monounsaturated fatty acid.



Super Senior on Parallel Bars! June 7, 2014

She is amazing and so are you!
Never give up – we can all learn from this fabulous lady.

Health and fitness isn’t all about six packs and biceps… Far from it. It’s more about having the energy and ability to do the things you want to do with a little in reserve.

Use It Or Lose It
The confidence to stay active the use it or lose it rule is so true. The less you move the less you’ll be able to move. Doing exercise seated in a chair can be challenging. Get a resistance band and use it daily. You will be surprised how your body responds, you’ll get stronger, your posture will improve, you’ll have more energy and sleep better too!

DIY Exercise at Home
Not sure where to start? watch for our short videos coming soon.
You won’t find mocked up, studio flashy exercise sequences. Just real people from my groups doing real exercises to maintain their health and fitness.

Keep Moving!


#1- Tackle Your Inflammation – Sugars June 2, 2014

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SUGARS : Pro-inflammatory Agent: Excessive sugar intake causes tooth decay and has been linked to increased risks of obesity, inflammation and chronic diseases such as metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. Recently, it’s also finally been proven that sugar, as well as dairy, are the causes of acne.


Find them in: Sugar-sweetened beverages like soft drinks, fruit drinks and squashes are some of the major sources of dietary sugars that many have overlooked. Do you know that drinking a can of Coke is the same as sucking ten sugar cubes? Other obvious sugar-loaded foods to avoid or at least limit include pastries, desserts, sweets and snacks. And when you’re looking out for sugar in the ingredients list, note that sugar has many names: corn syrup, dextrose, fructose, golden syrup, maltose, sorghum syrup and sucrose are some of the creative names used.


Inflammation-dousing Substitute: Got a sweet tooth? Opt for natural sweeteners like stevia, honey. Blackstrap molasses to flavour beverages and foods modestly. Natural sugars found in fresh or dried fruits and fruit preserves with no added sugar are also great choices. Not only do they give you the sweetness you crave, fruits also supply you with vitamins, antioxidants and fibres that you won’t find in sugary foods and drinks. Dates, figs, persimmons, kiwis, tangerines and various types of berries are some of the natural healthy snacks you can sink your teeth into.