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Pilates Classic Exercise – #3 The Roll Over June 29, 2014

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The Roll Over.

Excellent for improving the mobility of your spine.
As withe the roll up, your arm position can give you more OR less support.

Level 1 – arms along your sides, so you can push into the floor and get more movement thru your lower back. You will then focus to control your roll back down to the mat – perhaps by relaxing your arms and shoulders to put more load through your core.
Level 2/3 – lift your arms towards the ceiling or cross them over your chest so you have to work really hard to curl your back away from the floor

You will also find that to begin your legs may not be straight out towards the floor when you have rolled them over your head. Don’t worry with practice your hamstrings ( back of your legs) will relax and stretch out. You will gain many benefits working with bent knees.


(1) Serious students: buy & study “Return to Life…”!
(2) Avoid potential injury! – Join the “Pilates Community” at your local gym or studio.
(3) Tips on posture and muscle tensioning – “Pilates Contrology”.

Editor’s Comment: Discussion to follow. Pilates demonstrating the Pilates Roll Over, Poses One to Four:
(diagram derived from original photo).

J H Pilates and W J Miller: Return to Life through Controlology. 1st Ed, publ. 1954 J.J.Augustin New York (Review & purchase…)
Pilates Roll Overs, © Bruce Thomson, EasyVigour Project


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