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Pilates Classic Exercise – #6 Single Leg Stretch July 20, 2014

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Pilates doing Pilates Exercises: One Leg Stretch Joseph Pilates 34 contrology poses

(1) Serious students: buy & study “Return to Life…”!
(2) Avoid potential injury! – Join the “Pilates Community” at your local gym or studio.
(3) Tips on posture and muscle tensioning – “Pilates Contrology”.

Editor’s Comment: Discussion to follow. Pilates demonstrating One Leg Stretch, Poses One to Four:
(diagram derived from original picture)


This exercise is in almost every session I teach.
Subtle changes turn a gym classic from useless and potentially dangerous into a safe and effective pilates wonder.

Ensure your pelvis is label and static, that your shoulder blades just clear the floor and your legs are low enough that your core works hard, yet, your low back remains calm and in its natural shape ( no,arching and flattening).

Don’t be frightened to pull one knee into your chest as you extend the other leg away!

J H Pilates and W J Miller: Return to Life through Controlology. 1st Ed, publ. 1954 J.J.Augustin New York
Pilates One Leg Stretch , © Bruce Thomson, EasyVigour Project


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