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Are 3 Daily Meals So Bad? November 15, 2014

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“Eat Small Meals Frequently To Keep Your Metabolism Boosted”


Have you been told to eat lots of smaller meals every few hours in order to “keep your metabolism boosted”? This advice is often practically useless unless you’re a 250-pound bodybuilder with mammoth amounts of muscle that demand constant energy.

Yes, eating gives your metabolism a mini boost while you’re digesting the food, but it’s the total amount of food on your plate that determines how much you boost your metabolism, NOT the number of meals.

Controlled studies have put this theory to the test and it’s been refuted over and over. The results showed that there is no difference in a metabolism boost when you compare a group who eats many small meals to a group which consumed fewer larger meals. 6 7 Another interesting study on obese men revealed that eating 6 meals per day led to less feelings of fullness compared to 3 meals. 8

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One Response to “Are 3 Daily Meals So Bad?”

  1. Vinny Grette Says:

    Perhaps some people just feel better when they divide their daily intake over a bunch of smaller meals? As long as the total daily intake is the same, there is no harm done one way or the other. But I think that is exactly what you were saying 🙂

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