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Super Senior on Parallel Bars! June 7, 2014

She is amazing and so are you!
Never give up – we can all learn from this fabulous lady.

Health and fitness isn’t all about six packs and biceps… Far from it. It’s more about having the energy and ability to do the things you want to do with a little in reserve.

Use It Or Lose It
The confidence to stay active the use it or lose it rule is so true. The less you move the less you’ll be able to move. Doing exercise seated in a chair can be challenging. Get a resistance band and use it daily. You will be surprised how your body responds, you’ll get stronger, your posture will improve, you’ll have more energy and sleep better too!

DIY Exercise at Home
Not sure where to start? watch for our short videos coming soon.
You won’t find mocked up, studio flashy exercise sequences. Just real people from my groups doing real exercises to maintain their health and fitness.

Keep Moving!


My SUPER Super Seniors In Action October 19, 2013


Have a look at a quick snippit of my fantastic Cardiac Support Group in action!