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Aqua Aerobics Have You Tried It Yet? January 13, 2014

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Active adults find water aerobics to be a great alternative to traditional exercise.

Despite their popularity with older adults, water aerobics classes are not just for senior citizens. Healthy active adults can enjoy this low-impact activity as another beneficial aspect of their normal exercise routine. Water aerobics classes are easy on joints, great for meeting new people, and they are a lot of fun.

The most well known benefit of water aerobics is that exercising in water reduces the impact on your body. This makes water aerobics an ideal low-impact exercise for those with osteoarthritis, those who are very overweight, or those who are recovering from an injury or surgery. (Though, you should check with your doctor before beginning a water aerobics program, particularly after injury or surgery.)
Stiff joints open up and movements feel easier while supported by all round water pressure.

Water cushions impact and reduces gravity’s drag on your body, it also provides additional resistance. Moving your body through water takes much more effort than moving through air. To feel this for yourself, stand in water and simply pull your arms through the water by your sides. This resistance adds to your workout without the need for hand weights, resistance bands or other exercise equipment.

There is some debate over the number of calories burned during water aerobics, and this further depends on the specific exercises performed. However, a water aerobics class certainly is an activity that will exercise your body, particularly for those with physical limitations due to health problems or injury.

In addition, water aerobics have some less considered benefits. As a group class, they promote social health and provide a network of motivation. Being in the water helps keep your body cool as well, which can help prevent the overheating that can occur with other fitness activities. Also, participants often feel less self-conscious when exercising under water. Bodies are relatively obscured by the water and missteps are unnoticed. Those who are uncomfortable in a bathing suit can easily cover up with a t-shirt and Lycra shorts.

If water aerobics sounds like a class that might appeal to you, check to see if there is a class available at your local health club or school. Forget your preconceptions and give water aerobics a try, you may just find a great way to add some variety to your workout routine.

I teach 2 open sessions at Fitness First Cheltenham
Anyone can come along, free parking, lift access, easy stairs into the salt water pool, fab changing rooms and NO Membership required.
Contact me to arrange a FREE trial session for either Monday or Thursday at 14:30.

Do you participate in water aerobics? Tell me about your experience in the comment section below!

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Thanks, Jax


Super Seniors Weekly Fitness Sessions December 26, 2012

Weekly Sessions in Cheltenham & Gloucester

Pay as You Go, Multi-Level classes suitable for all levels of fitness.

Aqua Splash in Cheltenham

This friendly group meet 2:30pm Mondays & Thursdays at Fitness First in the Brewery, Cheltenham.  Fees: £4 per session in blocks of 4 or 8 classes. Contact Jean on Cheltenham 01242 245195

PilatesPlus for MS in Gloucester

A gentle, mainly seated, class for those with Multiple Sclerosis and their carers.  A happy, uplifting session at Elmscroft Community Centre Fridays, 2:00pm. Contact Jean on Gloucester 01452 724838

Cardiac Support Group – Take Heart Gloucester

Exercise, friendship and lots more.  A group specifically set up to support those suffering and recovering from Cardiac events and Stroke. If you have or you are caring for someone with CHD (coronary heart disease) or Stroke these exercise sessions are ideal for you. Four sessions weekly with time to meet and chat over coffee or tea and biscuits plus trips, walks, support and advice.

Mondays & Fridays  10:15  Keep Fit – improve your health and confidence – for the more mobile includes fun, standing sequences to sing along music plus resistance work and seated strength and stretches. .

Mondays & Fridays 11:30 Chairobics – maintain your independence -for those needing the support of a chair – seated sequences to improve strength & mobility, posture & breathing . .

Fees: £2.50 plus £5 annual subs.  Contact Ernie on Cheltenham 07899 851078


Water Exercise is Super!

Water Exercise is Super!

Fitness First


Mons & Thurs

14:30 – 15:15

Fees : £16 for 4 weekly sessions or £32 for 2 sessions per week.

Lift Access to all floors

FREE Parking for 2 hrs


Aqua Splash is a popular form of exercise, which suits non-swimmers. Performed in a shallow, warm pool, using the support and resistance of water for exercises, which, done on dry land might be too demanding.

  • A safe and convenient option for you to get active and improve your health.
  • Salinated water has reduced chlorine – kind to skin and hair.
  • Water resistance allows you to exercise your heart.
  • Strengthen and tone muscles & mobilise joints.
  • Ideal for joint problems & post surgery recovery.
  • Low or No impact exercises.
  • Burns 400-500 calories an hour reducing excess body fat
  • Improves Balance and Agility without fear of falling.
  • Increases Flexibility & reduces joint pain
  • Lowers stress and anxiety
  • Our sessions are private & safe, fun & refreshing.
  • Set to great sing-a-long music.
  • EASY ENTRY POOL – no ladders.

INFO: call Jenny on Cheltenham 245195 or                        Email Jackie at


Aqua Splash is Super for Seniors July 10, 2012

Water exercise is Super!


Water Aerobics for Super Seniors

Swimming and aqua aerobics are very popular forms of exercise, which can be done at any age

Aqua aerobics is comprised of aerobic exercises performed in shallow water, such as a swimming pool. It uses the support and resistance of the water for exercises, which, normally, done on land such as jogging, lunges or jumping jacks might be too demanding.

  • Aqua aerobics allows the participant to use water to work their      hearts and to strengthen and tone muscles and mobilise their joints
  • It is great exercise for an ageing population, who are increasingly      likely to have joint problems, knee and hip surgery
  • Post-operatively, it enables a speedy recovery allowing the water      to support the body by reducing the effect of gravity and enabling larger      pain free movements.
  • It increases Stamina and calories can be burnt more efficiently
  • Balance and Agility exercises can be included      without the fear of falling.
  • Sessions in heated pools offer a safe and convenient option to      those wishing to get active and improve their health.
  • Aqua Splash classes are set to great sing-a-long music making them      fun and refreshing
  • The water supports those carrying extra weight and allows good      quality exercise to be done without joint strain or discomfort.
  • The effectiveness of non-impact aqua aerobics can be enhanced      safely by using aqua aerobics equipment.
  • Aqua aerobics can benefit seniors by improving their muscular      development and cardiovascular system
  • Since water buoyancy supports their weight, strain on their joints,      back and torso is greatly reduced
  • Due to increased resistance under water, it burns a great deal of      calories, up to 400-500 calories/an hour helping to reduce excess body fat
  • Long term aqua aerobics increase joint flexibility and lowers the      risk of stress and anxiety
  • Water aerobics is the only exercise where you don’t feel sweaty and      can keep cool and comfortable

Organising an aqua aerobic for older people

  • Our sessions are in a safe, spacious heated pool
  • Saline pool with reduced chlorine is kind to hair and skin
  • Lift Access to all floors
  • Large changing rooms with easy access
  • Free Parking for 2 hrs
  • Fees : £16 for 4 weekly      sessions or £32 for 2 sessions per week.

Jackie Allen can be contacted at

Fitness Solutions UK founder Jackie Allen has been involved in the health and fitness industry for almost 30 years, having been a swimmer, fitness instructor and teacher trainer. Jackie is a well known and sought after instructor at a number of local health clubs. A Super Seniors expert she runs 6 weekly exercise sessions for Cardiac, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke and other health related groups within Gloucestershire.

Recently chosen to carry the Olympic Torch for her work in community fitness she has now established a small Pilates, Yoga and Fatloss studio in Cheltenham and looks forward to developing a club to include her work with Seniors, Youth and the Overweight.

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