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Beat Ageing with Food #9 June 11, 2013

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9. Chomp on chicken to stay young

Chicken, again? Don’t feel bad about serving this standby — when you put it on the table, you’re holding up a stop sign to the aging process. Spice it up with metabolic seasonings and marinades.
You can make this simple meat taste very different every day of the week.

If you haven’t already discovered foil pocket or pouch baking, you should give it a go.
Make a foil pouch for your piece or pieces of chicken, add your chosen herbs and spices. Seal loosely- bake in the oven till cooked, juicy and tender. I batch cook 3 days worth at a time, store in the fridge till I need it. No more ‘ i don’t have time’ excuses.

Poultry is high in zinc and selenium, two minerals that balance hormones and promote collagen production.
It also defends against free radical damage, which harms cells and accelerates aging.

The result: you’re the spring chicken!



Get Younger With Food #7 June 5, 2013

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7. Grow a thick skin with sweet potatoes

You can now say yes to that side serving of sweet potato wedges, guilt-free.

With their deep orange color, these spuds too make an appearance on the list of best foods in which to find vitamin A. Since they also contain the mineral copper, which facilitates collagen production, Simpson recommends the starchy vegetable to ward off loose, thin skin.

Sweet potatoes are great baked to go with salads, your BBQ meats or roast along side your Sunday joint.



Foods That Fight Ageing #3 Oranges May 31, 2013

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3. Oranges, a wrinkle-free fruit for a wrinkle-free you
Besides being the most touted way to get your vitamin C, this juicy fruit is chock-full of skin-firming collagen. Add one to your breakfast to one-up those who choose injectables. “Cellular renewal takes place within deeper dermal layers, having many experts believe a nutritional approach will provide the best results for healthy skin aging,” .