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Best Anti Ageing Foods September 4, 2013

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Add these powerful foods to your diet and you’ll be in the best place to turn back your biological clock…
Try it for 2 or 3 weeks and you’ll notice inflammation, pain, joint stiffness will reduce- while your digestion, energy level and mood will improve!


Lets Talk Poop #3 June 20, 2013

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I hope you’ve been thinking more about your digestion this week!
This chart will give you an ideas of how much a portion of various vegetables actually looks like.
Adding veggies to your meals is an excellent way to improve your ‘transit time’ – that’s how long it takes your food to travel through your digestive system.
Vegetables are also low in calories and high in water content- double whammy!

My clients add as many vegetables to their meals as they like – having prepared veggies in the fridge and your lunch box can REALLY help you avoid craving for carbs and break your ‘sweet tooth’ urges too.

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Beat Ageing With Food #8 June 8, 2013

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8. Get revved up by eating beans and legumes

No protein means no energy, and who can afford that?

“In addition, your body needs a steady supply of protein to keep your muscles strong. When your muscles are weak, you may be dragging,” says Forberg. Vegetarians and meat-lovers alike can keep their bodies in tip-top shape with protein-packed beans and legumes.

Throw them on top of salads, stir into hearty soups and sneak into homemade hummus.
I like them as a warm bean salad with fish or chicken. Yum!



Beat Ageing With Food #6 June 6, 2013

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6. Clean up with a cup of spinach
Not only did Popeye grow big and strong, we’re willing to bet he was largely disease-free. Dark-colored fruits and veggies — spinach among them — are the best way to get provitamin A carotenoid, which converts to vitamin A in our bodies, and helps to keep the digestive system as spotless as you’d like your kitchen floor to be. Forberg suggests non-animal foods for Vitamin A because unlike meat and dairy sources, they contain the vitamin in a form that carries no risk of becoming toxic within the body.



Get Younger With Food #7 June 5, 2013

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7. Grow a thick skin with sweet potatoes

You can now say yes to that side serving of sweet potato wedges, guilt-free.

With their deep orange color, these spuds too make an appearance on the list of best foods in which to find vitamin A. Since they also contain the mineral copper, which facilitates collagen production, Simpson recommends the starchy vegetable to ward off loose, thin skin.

Sweet potatoes are great baked to go with salads, your BBQ meats or roast along side your Sunday joint.