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Foods that Fight Ageing #2 Natural Cocoa May 29, 2013

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2. Sip cocoa for your heart
Another reason to enjoy this tasty treat: It helps to maintain healthy blood vessels, which support healthy circulation and a healthy heart. Opt for antioxidant-rich cocoa beans, which contain twice the amount dark chocolate does without much the added pro-aging fat and sugar, says Cheryl Forberg, RD, and author of Positively Ageless: A 28-Day Plan for a Younger, Slimmer, Sexier You.

Choose “natural” cocoa powder — when processed, added alkali reduces its antioxidant numbers.



Beat Ageing Tip 5 Work Out Less! April 26, 2013

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5 Beat Ageing
Step 5: Work Out LESS (Yes, Less)

If you don’t work out at all, you’re going to lose muscle tissue every year. That means you’ll get fatter and flabbier each and every year with less shape and more sag.
Is this what you want?
Absolutely not! That’s why you’re still reading…..

Well, the answer is old fashioned resistance training. Here’s the secret: and hardly anyone is doing it !

I have seen thousand of fitness athletes train over the years. The ones who looked the best — and that means looked healthy, most toned, and had the least amount of unwanted fat — were the ones who left the gym while others were still warming up!

Over the past decade, I have developed a system that combines specific types of exercises done in literally a matter of minutes. That’s ALL YOU NEED… And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

That’s right:
NO endless cardio sessions and we do not spend an hour a day in the gym. We have a life, thank you. We have kids, and we value being both fit and real people at the same time.
It was a personal breakthrough to achieving a balanced healthy body , staying in tip-top shape with minimal time, and having a life outside a gym.

I’ve been a trainer and teacher trainer for 30 years this year and it was hard at first to ask clients to train less- but my methods ABSOLUTELY,

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